Blessing Baskets draw royal family member to city -

Blessing Baskets draw royal family member to city

A member of the royal family of Bangladesh was in the Edwardsville area this week.

We caught up with Sheikh Shahadat Hossain Tuesday morning at the Market Basket in Edwardsville where he viewed the display of Blessing Baskets on sale there.

Hossain, or "Sha," as he is known by his American friends, is the liaison for the Blessing Basket Project in Bangladesh. He wanted to see the operation from this side of the world. As he pointed out, his city of Gopalgong in Bangladesh is almost on the exact other side of the globe from Edwardsville.

Theresa Wilson, founder of the Blessing Basket Project, said this is the first time ever for one of its liaisons to come here. She introduced him to Kandy Buzick, the produce manager for Market Basket. It was her decision to provide a place in the produce section for the Blessing Basket display.

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