More bar restrictions not the answer -

More bar restrictions not the answer

Last week, Champaign Mayor Jerry Schweighart, acting in his capacity as liquor commissioner, punished Joe's Brewery, C.O. Daniels and White Horse Inn for repeated citations for underage drinking.

Although C.O.'s voluntarily pushing its entry age to 21 and suspending Joe's and White Horse may seem harsh, do not be fooled, students. City officials and bar owners are just playing the same cat-and-mouse game they have for decades.

As these punishments go into effect this fall, the city of Champaign probably hopes to spark a public dialogue over the best system for keeping students safe. We ask: Are officials and police force really taking action to address it through these punishments?

We recognize that although Champaign has tried to make an effort recently with the underage drinking culture, with bar checks on various establishments and more apparently in police patrol and enforcement during Unofficial. But people continue to enter bars at 19, when they cannot legally purchase a drink.

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