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United Way Food Bank Drive

About the United Way FoodShare


In response to the growing need for food in our community, United Way is conducting a community-wide food drive for families in need.


On Saturday, June 20, the FoodShare food drive will be held at several Schnucks Markets - including Kirkwood, Edwardsville and Festus from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.

During June 15-19, 50 or more companies and labor unions in the region are participating in the drive with their employees, that's almost 50,000 people. Trucks from UPS, UniGroup and Laclede Gas will be picking up food from these companies and taking them to the St. Louis Area FoodBank - a United Way funded agency. FoodBank serves more than 500 food pantries in our region.

For details as to which Schnucks Markets will be participating, please check United Way's Web Site at or call. We're asking everyone who can to donate non-perishable food items.

Most requested non-perishable items include: oCanned meats oCanned fruits oCanned vegetables oCanned soups oPeanut butter oDried beans oRice products oBaby formula oHot and cold cereal oPowdered and evaporated milk oPersonal care items like shampoo and soap


United Way and a number of our partner agencies have identified food assistance as a rapidly increasing need in our community due to the growing number of people who are unemployed.

The St. Louis Area FoodBank reports that food requests have increased 20 percent, with seven out of 10 pf the new clients indicating they have never used a food pantry before. People who may have been food donors in the past now find themselves needing help.

We expect this trend to continue this summer as children are out of school and no longer have breakfast and lunch programs available. This is a special challenge, because summer normally is a slow donation time for food pantries.

We believe it is important we help meet the increased demand for food. In addition, we are seeing people who are still employed wanting to find a way to help. The food drive will provide a morale boost for both those who need help and those who want to give help.

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