View: Court records offer new details in Columbia triple homicide -

View: Court records offer new details in Columbia triple homicide


(KMOV)-- Startling new details in the murder case have revealed that investigators found a piece of orange twine with a noose near Intersection 255.

That twine is similar to what investigators found holding up four bales of hay behind the Coleman's home.

The search warrants were released Wednesday at the request of a media outlet.

The search warrant also shows what happened inside that Columbia home when the police arrived.

and her two sons were found dead inside the house on May 5th.

The documents also state that police found a Home Depot receipt in 's wallet for spray paint.

They also found plane tickets for both him and Joyce Meyer.

News 4 also received details about the alleged threatening letters that were sent to the Coleman's home.

The first letter is dated January 1st. It reads "Expletive, deny your god publicly or else. No more opportunities. Time is running out for you and your family." It later refers to an unnamed person traveling to Asia. News 4 knows from talking to Sheri Coleman's family that she went to Southeast Asia on a mission trip.

The second letter arrived 8 days before the murders. It says "I am giving you the last warning. You have not listened to me and you have not changed your ways."

The court records also describe a horrific scene inside the Coleman home on May 5th.

There were three profanity-laced phrases spray painted on the walls inside the home.

1) **** you b****, punished

2) Wh*** paid or you have paid

3) I saw you leave **** you I am always watching

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