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Time for Dinner helps you make stress-free, home-cooked meals

Time for Dinner is the place for you if ...

You're looking for a fun and easy way to put delicious, home cooked meals on the table - stress free!

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1 - Pick Your Sessions

We offer morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Go to our Sign Up Calendar and select the month you would like to attend. Pick a session that fits your busy schedule. Once you have made your selection you will be taken to the appropriate menu so you can choose your meals.

Step 2 - Make Your Menu Selection

Next, take a look at the 14 menu selections we are offering that month. Choose any combination of 6 or more items. To maximize your time select 12 meals - then you're covered for the month with 3 meals a week! Each dish provides a minimum of 4-6 servings. You always have the option of putting your food in 1 large pan or 2 smaller pans, depending on the number of people you're serving. To preview our menus click on Menu and choose a month.

Step 3 - Register

Just fill out our simple registration form and you're done. You will receive a confirmation of your order that you can print out for your records. Now all that's left for you to do is clean out your freezer.

To make it even easier, you can click on the 1-2-3 button at the top of any page to start your order process!

On Session Day: When you arrive at our kitchen, you'll be greeted by our friendly Time for Dinner team. All of the recipe ingredients will already be prepped and ready to go. We'll even have a sample from next month's menu for you to try. If you like, feel free to bring beverages and snacks of your own. Remember to bring along an empty laundry basket or cooler to carry home your food. Get ready to enjoy yourself and leave the dirty work to us (the dirty dishes, that is).

Getting Started: When you sign in at the front desk we'll give you an apron and your order list. If this is your first time with us, one of our team members will show you around and explain how things work.

Stations will be set up for each dish with everything you'll need to make your dish: easy-to follow instructions, ingredients, measuring tools, and containers. You will go to any of the stations on your list and get started. Once you have completed a dish, and put your cooking label on the container,you willplace it on a refrigerator shelf with your name on it. This process will berepeated until your list is complete.

Need help? Have questions? Our session team is there to helpj ust ask!

When you're finished, our team will help you pack your cooler or basket and carry your meals to your car. As you pack up, check to be sure you have all of your food. (We will hold forgotten dishes for 1 week, then donate them to a local charity.) Along with the dishes you've just assembled, you'll leave with a list of side dish suggestions for each meal and next month's menu.

At Home

Please put your dishes into the freezer immediately.

To be safe, always thaw your meals in the refrigerator (not on the counter).

Put ziptop bag meals in a bowl or on a plate while defrosting in the refrigerator to prevent leaking.

Make sure to read and closely follow the simple cooking instructions provided for each recipe.

Be sure to cook your dishes to the temperature indicated on the cooking label.

When cooking a dish you split, adjust the cooking time as needed.

At Time For Dinner it really is "All about you!"

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