City could gain an extra $100,000 -

City could gain an extra $100,000

Whether you call 9-1-1 or violate the law, you may now be facing new fines or fees for those services in the city of Edwardsville.

Just weeks before Madison County announced plans for job cuts, Edwardsville City Administrator Ben Dickmann said the city does not have any plans for layoffs. "A lot of communities cannot say that," Dickmann said.

And when discussing the city's 2009-10 balanced budget, Dickmann said the city did incorporate the idea that many revenue sources may be declining, such as state funding, income tax revenues and retail sales taxes.

He said the city is "optimistic" about its revenue and finances and is taking steps to prioritize and prepare.

One of the city's proactive approaches besides reducing expenses is to locate new sources of revenue.

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