Mckernan: How Does The Win Over Memphis Rank? -

Mckernan: How Does The Win Over Memphis Rank?

(KMOV)-- I was asked this question on the message board earlier Friday: How does the win over Memphis rank for me as a Missouri fan? Not too many great things happened in Missouri basketball and football in the mid to late 1980's when my memory started kicking in. So, I can only work off of events I remember and attended. However, I've been lucky enough to be at some of the biggest ones over the last 25 years. And, Thursday night in Glendale immediately ranks in the top five. However, it's tough to put anything ahead of Missouri-Kansas Football '07 at Arrowhead Stadium. That game was amazing with so much on the line. Plus, you had 70,000 fans in a prime football venue with the #1 ranking on the line between two legitimately heated rivals. I'm not quite sure it can get better than that...although I would love to see Saturday's game top it, and I guess if Missouri does advance to the Final Four, it will have every shot to do just that. The one thing that will make it difficult for anything tomorrow to top the experience in Kansas City in 2007 isthe atmosphere. The one thing thatis really disappointingabout the venue here is that it's a monster dome...and only 1/4 of it is the energy is taken out by the cavernous facility. If that game last night were played at somewhere smaller like Scottrade, the place would've been going ballistic. There were more than 20,000 people there...but it sounded like 8,000. Either way, I just kept thinking, "This is unreal," in the first half...even when it was close, because both teams were playing so well. Then, when you mix in the drama of the second half and finally the great outcome, you have a formula for a classic for Missouri fans. So, I'd rankmy Tiger experiencesat this point in the following manner: 1. Missouri-Kansas Football '07 2. Missouri-Nebraska Football '03 3. Missouri-Memphis Basketball '09 4. Missouri-UCLA Basketball '02 5. Missouri-Kansas Basketball '97 Being able to be at the team hotel when they came back and see how happy the players, coaches, players' parents, and fans were was pretty cool and something I won't forget. I'd love to be there tomorrow evening watching hundreds of Tiger fans celebrating the school's first Final Four. Even though that event wouldn't take place on a field or a court, I have a feeling that would be the most memorable Missouri moment I could experience...unless a certain something happens in Detroit next week.

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