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Tigers bring intensity to rematch against Kansas State

Columbia (KMOV.com) -- You can call it redemption. You can call it payback. Call it whatever you want. The Missouri Tigers' basketball team calls it what it is: a win.

The Tigers took home an overwhelming 94-74 victory over Kansas State on Wednesday night at Mizzou Arena, a victory that gives Missouri it's seventh straight win.

If you want to look at it a little bit differently, it also gives the Tigers a nice dose of revenge in front of a crowd of more than 14,000.

Four weeks ago today, the Tigers lost 88-72 against the Wildcats in Manhattan.

In that match up, the Wildcats pressed the Tigers hard and showed true passion. The Tigers didn't respond to their intensity.

Instead, Missouri failed to get crucial turnovers and Missouri coach Mike Anderson said the team's guards played poorly.

But that was a month ago. Back home at Mizzou Arena, Missouri gave Kansas State a few things to think about.

Missouri brought focus and intensity where Kansas State came up short.

The Tigers got physical, and had 49 fouls during this game, but were able to pull from the bench to keep the points coming in.

Five members of the Tigers basketball team scored in double digits. Early on in the second half, senior Leo Lyons put up six points in just 33 seconds. Talk about intensity.

This time, turnovers were a problem for the Kansas State team. During the first half alone, the Wildcats had 11 turnovers. The Tigers had 10 for the entire game.

By halftime, Missouri led 55-32. The second half gave the Tigers a 32-point advantage. They simply didn't let up.

Kansas State's Denis Clemente brought in 33-points and showed effort. He scored 22 of those points just in the second half. But no other Kansas State player could boast double-digit numbers.

It was a recipe for failure, and for Kansas State possibly the loss that will keep them from seeing the NCAA Tournament.

For Missouri, it's a second chance, a green light.

The Tigers are now guaranteed a first round bye in the Big 12 Tournament, something that hasn't happened since Norm Stewart was coach.

With a win over Kansas Sunday, Missouri could vault into the No. 1 spot in the conference alongside the Oklahoma Sooners.

But it's still a long road to the tournament.

Sunday, Missouri plays No. 15 Kansas in Lawrence, followed by the last home game of the season against No. 3 Oklahoma and a final away game at Texas A&M.

Missouri is now 24-4, undefeated at home, and not taking anything for granted.

Juana Summers is a Journalism student at the University of Missouri

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