How do you play wheelchair basketball? -

How do you play wheelchair basketball?

Wheelchair basketball has many of the same rules as NCAA basketball

Players play on the same size court, same height basket, same distance three-point and free throw lines

There are five players per team on the court at once

They play two 20-minute halves

There are no double dribble penalties because the players do not have a pivot foot. Meaning, wheelchair basketball players can carry the ball without dribbling

To be eligible to play, they must be a full time college student and be considered at least 10 percent disabled

To start the game there is a jump ball. The ref throws the ball in between two players who reach their arms up as high as possible to try to tip the ball to their teammates

For every dribble, each player is allowed to push his wheels twice, just like walking players can take two steps for every dribble

If they push more than twice, it is considered traveling

Fouls are called just like in NCAA basketball where you can't touch any part of the shooter's body as he's taking a shot

A player can be called for a chair contact foul- the chair is considered part of the player

A player is considered out of bounds when any part of his wheel or body touches the line

If a player falls, the clock will not stop unless the ball is nearby and there is risk the player could be hurt

An offensive player cannot remain more than four seconds in the free throw lane while the player's team is in possession of the ball

Jessica Mustain and Heather Frayn are students at the University of Missouri School of Journalism

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