MODOT proposes adding truck-only lanes to I-70 | -

MODOT proposes adding truck-only lanes to I-70 |

ST. LOUIS (KMOV)-- A proposal to add semi-truck only lanes on interstate 70 is gaining momentum.

MODOT had a hearing about adding the lanes from Lake St. Louis to Independence near Kansas City, 200 miles of I-70 would be altered. The initial estimate of the project is going to cost $3.9 billion.

The plan is to add four center lanes that only trucks will use, while general traffic uses the outside lanes. There are a few other states that have truck only lanes across the country. They are New Jersey, California and Texas.

None of the other states have done a project like this at this magnitude. This would be the largest truck only lane project in the nation.

After the funding issue is addressed, construction is estimated to take 7 to 10 years.

Public comments on this project end March 16. You can go to to get more information on this project and voice your opinion in a survey.

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