Motorists combat flooded streets, collapsed roads -

Motorists combat flooded streets, collapsed roads

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) - High water caused slowdowns on some local roads and forced several lane closures on Wednesday.

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The received reports of 49 flooded streets and 184 flooded basements on Wednesday.

A giant puddle around an inlet grate shut down a westbound lane on Forest Park Parkway just west of Skinker. MSD was called out to try and relieve the situation.

According to MSD, the melting snow caused the ground to become oversaturated. Wednesday's rain forced leaves and debris onto streets blocking sewer drains.

"We have approximately 160,000 inlets and it's impossible to monitor them on a daily or even monthly basis," said MSD spokesmen Lance LeComb.

"We depend on the public to call our 24 hour service line to let us know where the streets are flooded," said LeComb. "We (will) get out there and repair it as quickly as possible."

To report a problem to MSD, call 314-768-6260.

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