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A student's take on Mizzou's big win of KU

Columbia, MO (KMOV.com) -- It doesn't get much better than this.

Here are some random thoughts after sitting - er, standing - in the student section for tonight's enormous Mizzou Tigers win over the Kansas Jayhawks.

This is the best live sporting event I have ever attended. I grew up in Oakville, and was at the old Busch when Mark McGwire smashed #62 in 1998. The Missouri-Kansas football game in Kansas City in 2007 was also tremendous. I've been to a couple exciting Rams and Blues contests.

But nothing compares to tonight.

The Tigers are a much better team than Kansas, no matter the venue.

Think about it. Missouri shot just 24-percent and scored only 16 points in the first half - downright terrible numbers for a team averaging 84 points a night going into Monday. One can only assume the first half was an aberration, a fluke, for the Tigers. It is surely the worst half of basketball they will play all season.

If they could have scored just 30 first half points, the dramatic finish would have been unnecessary.

Don't be surprised if Missouri pulls out another win against Kansas in Lawrence later this month.

We students at the University of Missouri sure are clever. Whenever the Jayhawks come to town, we adjust our usual cheer from M - I - Z - Z - O - U to M - I - Z - F--- - K - U. I may or may not have participated in this chant. Please don't tell my grandma.

I know the band works hard, but nothing gets the crowd more pumped up than hearing Metallica at about six trillion decibels.

I sent my roommate a text message early in the second half. It simply said: "It wasn't meant to be."

I'm a big enough man to admit when I'm wrong.

I noticed about 50 empty seats in the season ticketholders section. They better have been in Hawaii.

I have never seen a basketball player play harder than DeMarre Carroll.

What are all the Mike Anderson haters doing tonight?

For those of you who enjoyed reading this, please thank my Geography 3610 instructor. If we didn't have a fairly important quiz at 9 a.m. tomorrow, I would not be currently sitting at a computer.

Michael Bittner is a Journalism student at the University of Missouri

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