Ice blamed for at least 29 wrecks in Metro-East -

Ice blamed for at least 29 wrecks in Metro-East

COLLINSVILLE, Ill. (AP) -- When it comes to icy roads in southern Illinois, even Illinois State Police aren't immune from fender-bender traffic wrecks.

State police in southwestern Illinois near Collinsville say icy conditions Tuesday morning that slowed the commute for many to a crawl was blamed for at least 29 crashes in that region.

Authorities say nearly all of the wrecks were on bridges, overpasses and highway ramps.

State police say two of the crashes involved motorists sliding into their cruisers while they were stopped with emergency lights in use.

Authorities used the opportunity to caution motorists about slowing down on wet roads, bringing blankets for use if their vehicles become disabled and exiting their vehicles cautiously after wrecks.

Many schools in the region also canceled classes.

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