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Icy conditions cause dozens of accidents, big traffic tie-ups

St. Louis (KMOV) - It may not look like much, but freezing drizzle that moved through the News 4 viewing area caused big problems on St. Louis area roadways and promped numerous school districts to cancel classes.


Numerous accidents are being reported in Missouri and Illinois. The worst conditions are being reported in the Metro-East.

News 4's Robert Townsend has been reporting on the road conditions all morning. According to Townsend, one of the worst accidents of the morning was a nine-car pile-up on Pershell Road near I-270.

Drivers say they were going along Pershell Road just fine when all of a sudden, cars started skidding out of control.

Three people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. One of those injured was a Ferguson police officer who was called to the scene of this crash.

Another major accident happened early this morning at I-44 and Vandeventer. Again, icy roads are likely to blame for this crash that caused big traffic delays.

The severity of the icy conditions was caught on tape while a News 4 crew was out in the field. Our News 4 crew's camera was rolling and caught a car spinning on the ice and eventually crashing.

News 4 is continuing to monitor the road and weather conditions.

4-Warn Meteorologist Matt Chambers says that temperatures are expected to creep up to just above freezing by this afternoon.

Even though the freezing rain has stopped, the glazing of ice on the roads has not melted yet because roadway and air temperatures are still below freezing.

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