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Missing a Purple Heart?


Right now, there is more than 600 million dollars worth of unclaimed property in the State of Missouri. The items include like: checks, heirlooms and military medal. Close 200 million dollars of the unclaimed property is from the St. Louis area. Today, the Missouri State Treasurer stopped by News 4 to ask us to pass along this website www.showmemoney.com. On it, you can find a database of all the unclaimed property in the state. The Treasurer passed along two interesting facts, one in ten Missourians have unclaimed property and the average amount of unclaimed property is valued at more than 300 dollars.

Check to see if you have any, the website again is www.showmemoney.com  

If you do find something that belongs to you or another family member it normally takes 15 days to process a claim.

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