News 4 viewer calls 911, gets put on hold -

News 4 viewer calls 911, gets put on hold

(KMOV) -- A viewer asked News 4 to find out why he got a recording when he called 911 early Saturday morning.

Brian Fiatsam called 911 to stop a dangerous driver, but when the call was answered, it was a recording. He was on hold.

Lt. Col. Paul Nocchiero oversees the city's 911 operation and he said Metro Police are just as frustrated as Fiatsam.

Nearly 49,000 calls, or 16% of all calls made to the city's 911, were disconnected without reaching an operator.

Nocchiero said the center's don't have enough staff to handle the 106 calls they recieved at 1:30 a.m. on the Saturday Fiatsam called.

Nocchiero said it is better to stay on the line and wait than to hang up and call back.


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