Wedding Favors -

Wedding Favors

RULE #1 - Set your budget and stick with it. 

As a rule, favors tend to be the lowest on the priority list (they are much
less important than flowers or caterers), but can become one of the highest
budget items if you are not careful.  Planning early will allow you plenty
of time to hunt for special deals or sales since you will be buying in mass

RULE #2 - Decide whether your favor will be a "consumable" or a "keepsake".

For some couples, giving a token or memoir from their wedding is important,
while other couples just want to give their guests a delicious treat to take

If you will be giving a keepsake, make sure it's something that is not
gender specific and won't be difficult for the guest to incorporate into
their home and life. Keepsake favors also tend to be costly, so making sure that an appropriate
amount is budgeted is important.

Giving a delicious treat for guests to take home tends to be the popular
choice for many couples.  Cookies, candy, teas or even your grandmother's
famous jam can be a great treat for your guests to enjoy.

Other consumables like candles and soap are also a
great gifts

RULE #3 - Keep the packaging to a minimum or none at all.  Using large boxes
and ribbon for favors creates a lot of waste and can ultimately cost you a
lot of money. Get creative with your packaging and possibly use things that
can be re-purposed and re-used when you favor has been consumed.

RULE #4 - Finally, make sure that your favors are safe and don't break any
rules. Giving out CDs of your favorite songs seem to have a lot of
controversy in regards to music pirating.  Considering giving bottles of
bubbles as a favor? Unfortunately, someone will ultimately blow them at the
reception which can create slippery surfaces and stain clothes.

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