Rolla: Man arrested for stealing tractor -

Rolla: Man arrested for stealing tractor

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(KMOV) – A Rolla man was arrested on charges of Burglary, Property Damage, Felony Stealing and Escape from Custody.

Francois Orloff, 19, was arrested after he returned to the site where he kept the tractor and police were investigating.
Police say Orloff broke into a storage shed in the Fidelity Cable Maintenance Lot on Old St. James Road and removed a chainsaw. He then used the chainsaw to cut into the carport where the tractor was. He used a Fidelity truck and trailer to remove the tractor.
Police found the tractor and trailer at a business on County Road 7100. They were investigating when the Orloff drove up in the stolen truck. While being arrested he ran from police but was located a short time later.
Orloff is presently incarcerated in the Phelps County jail pending the issuance of Arrest Warrants, said officials.


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