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Lost in space

DirecTV subscribers may have had a frustratiing day.  It seems HD DVR receivers took in an overnight software download that didn't agree with the system and left customers with an unresponsive remote and their receiver stuck on a single channel (hopefully Channel 4).

The good news for customers is that there is a fix.  The bad news is if you tried to find that out by calling DirecTV.  It seems their customer service number was among the most searched items on the internet, so it created some busy signals.

The fix according to DirecTV, is to unplug and plug back in the receiver twice in about 30 seconds.  The company according to it's Twitter page, http://twitter.com/DIRECTV a "fix" has been put in place and resetting the receiver should resolve the problem.

If anything this a reminder that TV is not what it used to be.  No need to adjust your sets, just reboot the computer in your DVR and that software download from space should be ok.







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