Locker room theft leads to $9,000 shopping spree -

Locker room theft leads to $9,000 shopping spree

Clayton Police need your help identifying two people they saw illegally using someone's credit cards.

Detectives say the theft happened on May 19th at Wellbridge Gym and Spa in Clayton. Supposedly, a man in a taupe polo shirt stole two credit cards out of a man’s locker. 

Then, police say that man and a heavier set man used the cards at Best Buy in Brentwood. In all, we're told the men spent $9,000 on electronics like cameras, laptops, iPhones and camera accessories.


News 4 also learned that the pair are wanted for a similar scheme outside of Syracuse, New York. The men put $10,000 on credit cards stolen from another gym.

Please call the Clayton police if you know who the men are.  You can find surveillance photos of the men checking out of Best Buy right now on

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