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Go Green: Sewage lagoon to nature preserve

(KMOV) – The Edwardsville community is “going green” by turning a sewage lagoon into a nature reserve.

With the help of the city, University of Illinois and some serious dedication by Edwardsville residents and volunteers, the lagoon became a sprawling watershed nature preserve.

While adults enjoy the beautiful walking trails, it’s the children of Edwardsville who truly reap the benefits of the preserve.

Kathy Chen of the University of Illinois says she is always surprised by how much nature fascinates children. “We’ll see a snail, and it’s the biggest thing [to them],” she says. “It’s a nice thing for them to see what grows and lives in our neighborhood.”

Julie Connely says people of all ages can learn from the success of the watershed. “It’s not hard to find stories of gloom and doom, but through thoughtful intervention, humans can make a positive difference,” she says.


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