Stray bullet hits bystander -

Stray bullet hits bystander

You have heard the cliche before, "The wrong place at  the wrong time." That is what happened on Monday evening in Pine Lawn during a shoot out. Investigators tell us an undercover unit was watching a suspect's car that night. When another car pulled up and opened fire.

In return, the detectives exchanged fire. When the smoke cleared two of the suspects were injured with non life threatening injures. While ems crews rushed an innocent bystander to the hospital. That bystander suffer gunshot wounds but is expected to survive.

There are no other reports of injures;however, this illustrates just how determine these shooters were to gun someone down. No matter who you are, each and everyday you can become a victim of this same type of crime.  No matter where you live or what your zip code maybe we must not be afraid to pick up the phone and call 911.






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