Viewer offended by soldier welcome home story -

Viewer offended by soldier welcome home story

Monday night News Four sent a crew to Lambert Airport to videotape the arrival of an Army Specialist and his wife and two kids returning from a three and a half year stint in Japan.  Because of breaking news we weren't able to air the story last night, so I did the story in front of the airport on Awake with News Four Tuesday morning

It had the usual stuff.  Family and friends carrying patriotic signs and banners.  An anxious mom and dad waiting for their son, daughter-in-law and two grandkids (one they'd never met) to come off the plane.  When they did, there were tears of joy and everyone was smiling.

Minutes after my 6:35am report, I got an email from a viewer who was offended by our coverage.  I could paraphrase what she said, but I think it's best for you to read the email yourself.  See what you think.  Does she make a good point?.... or are YOU offended by her  being offended we did a story on a homecoming for a soldier who was not in a war zone?

Here it is:

"I know that you are not completely in control of what you are assigned to report, however, I really would like to express my feelings regarding your story about the returning soldier.
As a military spouse currently stationed at Scott AFB and a family who has just returned from living overseas, I find this whole story really offensive. Where was the news broadcast when WE landed at Lambert a little over a year ago?? Or any of the other families who return to the US from a NORMAL overseas assignment EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I bet if you camped out at Scott AFB, you could find a story like this at least once a week. What makes this guy more special than the rest of us??? I know people who have spent upwards of 5 years overseas without coming home. It's a normal happening in the military, NOT a hardship!
If you want to report on people coming home from war zones, GREAT!! I'd watch and applaud. But it's offensive to act like this guy has been through something traumatic, when he's just been doing his job away from family just like the rest of us!!"
Mark Schnyder is a reporter at KMOV-TV.  He can be reached at



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