Violent crime spree extends from St. Louis County to Jefferson County to Illinois -

Violent crime spree extends from St. Louis County to Jefferson County to Illinois

A violent crime spree winds its way through South St. Louis County, Jefferson County and Illinois overnight, and police say a group of teens is responsible.

The violence started in Lemay.  Police were dispatched to the 4300 block of Winston Drive for a shooting.  Minutes later, police responded to another shooting at the intersection of Baumgartner and Telegraph Roads in the neighboring community of Oakville.  The suspects then took off, where they are accused of committing an armed, home invasion in Imperial before leading officers on a chase into Sauget, Illinois.

That's where the teens were stopped -- several hours after allegedly committing the series of crimes.  Three teens are in custody right now, but a fourth is believed to be on the run.

Let me walk you through what police say happened.

This all started just after midnight when police got a call from a homeowner in the 4300 block of Winston Drive in Lemay.  He said he'd just been shot twice in the arm after two young men banged on his door., looking for someone who apparently did not live there.  The homeowner told police that one of the suspects shot him with some sort of long gun then took off in a gold car.

Less than three miles away and just minutes later, police were called to another shooting -- this one in the neighboring community of Oakville.  One victim was transported to the hospital with at least one gunshot wound to the shoulder/chest area.  Police say the victim was too shaken to say much, but he too described similar suspects from the first shooting -- two young men with a long gun, like a rifle.

The group then took off into Jefferson County where the crew is believed to have committed an armed, home invasion.  That happened in Imperial, and deputies gave chase when the suspects fled.  They followed the suspects up interstate 55 and onto I-255, eventually ending near Sauget.  A gold car -- reportedly seen at both shootings -- wrecked after officers put out spike strips.  News-4 photographers captured video of one suspect under arrest and K-9s searching for another person.

Multiple jurisdictions now want the teens for a string of charges.  The shooting victims are expected to be O.K. 

This is a developing story.  Check back with for the latest updates.

Maggie Crane is a reporter for KMOV.  You can contact her at

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