Three boys charged in sexual abuse case of young girl -

Three boys charged in sexual abuse case of young girl

(KMOV) – Three boys ages 13 and under have been charged in a case surrounding the sexual abuse of a young girl.  

St. Louis Family Court will hear the case of sexual abuse charges against the suspects, who are 9, 12 and 13 years old.


They have all been released to their parents.


According to family court, the crime happened in Maryland Heights.

Officials with the Pattonville School District said they were alerted, but say the incident did not happen on school property.


A 12-year-old and a 13-year-old boy are charged with first degree statutory sodomy, and the 9-year-old boy is charged with behavior injuries, which means he could be a harm to himself or others.


The female victim is under 14.


Because the incident involves juveniles, the courts cannot outline the case or share many details. Neither can the school district or the police.


The incident happened in late April, but some parents had no idea until today.

Court hearings with this case will be close d to the public, but updates to this story will be provided as they become available.


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