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Tyrone Thompsons Death

In my profession, it’s rare to have to report about the death of someone you personally know.

I knew Tyrone Thompson.  So, having to contact his family in the wake of his death and then tell his story to the Metro area, feels… well, strange.

I met Thompson about two years ago.  From the moment he introduced himself I knew he was a witty guy.  Since then, I ran into him every few months while working on stories or attending various events.  I can now honestly say, he was one of the happiest people I’ve ever met. 

Monday, his brother told me about the Tyrone I didn’t know.  Aside from his great personality, Thompson was the president of the St. Louis Martin Luther King Non Violence Support Group, along with being a police chief, state investigator, musician and artist.  Thompson was also the father of three. Two of his children are in the college; the other is in high school. 

His brother Antony tells me Tyrone was his best friend and he will truly be missed.


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