Saturday Night Police Shooting & Major Case Squad Investigation -

Saturday Night Police Shooting & Major Case Squad Investigation

We're sitting outside Barnes-Jewish hospital right now working on getting more information about an officer-involved shooting.  The word we're getting from police is that earlier tonight an officer was pulling over a car in north St. Louis at Shreve & Carter.  The driver was ordered out of the car.  He refused and, instead, drove his car toward the officer striking him in the leg.

The officer tired two shots at the car.  It's believed the suspect was hit because a short time later a man checked himself into the hospital with a gunshot wound.  Latest word we have is that police are still searching for the two suspects.

Also....on a different story---police are still searching for the killer who shot Ahmed Eltawmi, a restaurant owner who immigrated from Libya in the early 1980's and worked his way up to own a small Greek place off the Delmar Loop.  Friday night he was shot and killed in the parking lot of his apartment complex in Maplewood.

Major Case Squad is working the death.  If you have any information about the case you're asked to call Maplewood police or Crimestoppers.


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