Thousands of Scouts Meet in Forest Park -

Thousands of Scouts Meet in Forest Park

This Friday through Sunday, thousands and thousands of scouts and their families will eat, sleep, and play in Forest Park.

They do this every ten years and this year is the 100th anniversary of scouting.  Read more about the event here:

Scout leaders I talked to at the park say that this morning's discovery of a woman, tied up in a creek, is not putting a damper on ScoutQuest 100 event plans.

One leader I talked to says that he feels the kids and the families are perfectly safe - adding that police patrol the park and adult chaperones are watching over the scouts.

A scout leader and his family found the woman as they started to set up for the event - around 7:20 this morning.  A spokesperson for the scouts said that the group was shaken up - but that they did the right things by getting the woman help quickly.

St. Louis Police are still investigating what happened to the woman.  She was hospitalized today and has since been released.  Early on, police say she told them that an unidentified man assaulted her at another location, tied her up, and then dumped her in the park.  This evening, police say that some circumstances in the woman's story have changed and authorities are looking into whether she knows the suspect. 

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