Reporter's Blog: West County Meth Explosion -

Reporter's Blog: West County Meth Explosion

Stereotypers beware: Meth can strike anywhere.

Just ask the folks in one upscale Manchester neighborhood, where home prices easily rise about $250,000 dollars. A house in the 1000 block of Big Bend Station was lifted off it's foundation late yesterday, after Police say a botched attempt to make a meth lab backfired.

Detectives tell me whoever was trying to set this one up didn't think it through very well, and made the potentially deadly mistake of opening a propane tank valve in the basement. The pilot light of  a nearby water heater provided the spark, and the home is now condemned by city inspectors.

Following the logic that if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere, I also asked what folks should look for if someone is trying to cook meth near your home. Det. Sgt. Dan Rehm tells me the first thing most folks would notice is a strong smell of ammonia, and a lot of activity at all hours.

This addiction is one that crosses socio-economic boundaries, so the explosion here shouldn't surprise anyone. Police in Manchester are sitll looking for suspects who may have been involved.

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