In a construction zone - move over and put down the phone -

In a construction zone - move over and put down the phone

Two of the construction workers who were on the job when an SUV slammed into a work zone are back at work less than 24 hours later.

Troopers say a 21-year-old drove her SUV into a flatbed trailer and work truck - that was idled on the side of I-55 in Collinsville.  Contract workers for IDOT were putting out traffic barriers when the accident happened.

Two of the workers were standing outside the work truck and were hit by debris.  The third worker was in the drivers seat of the work truck and was not hurt.

None of the men took a direct hit from the SUV.  They were lucky.

One of the workers told me he is most concerned about drivers who do not give the construction crews enough room.  Drivers are supposed to "move over" or slow down when warning lights are on.  Road crews tell me few do.

Read more about the move over law here:

Read what IDOT says about work zone crashes and new distracted driving laws:

In Illinois, it is now illegal to use a handheld cell phone in a construction zone.

The driver in this crash, according to Illinois State Police, will be ticketed for both violations.





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