Man says cemetery mismarked brothers grave -

Man says cemetery mismarked brothers grave

(KMOV) – What if you found out your loved ones were buried in the wrong place? Cal Granneman claims this happened to him.

He says he ordered a headstone for his brothers who died as babies in 1926 and 1938, and he wants to mark their graves at the Zion Lutheran Cemetery, but he says there is a problem.

Granneman and the caretaker do not agree on the location of their bodies. Granneman says the boys are buried in the pathway used by hearses during funerals.

Cemetery records don’t back up Granneman’s story. A ledger from the 1880s shows a pathway did exist then.

The church pastor says they will allow Granneman to place a marker in the place where they believe the graves are located, but Granneman says he has no plans to put a marker in the wrong place.

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