Show dog handler to stand trial in Jefferson County -

Show dog handler to stand trial in Jefferson County

I heard the name Mary Wild for the first time late last June.  She's the 25-year old show dog handler who returned from an Iowa dog show with eight dogs belonging to people who trusted her to get them to and from the show safely.

But authorities say when Mary got home late that night, instead of bringing the dogs and their crates inside her home, she left them in her van.  She set up fans to keep them cool and is said to have checked on the dogs during the night, but it was 90 degrees outside and by morning seven of the eight dogs had died.

Mary Wild never returned the email I sent her requesting comment.  Her attorney sent me a terse fax asking me to leave her alone and he never returned my calls either.  Thursday I should get to see both of them and indirectly hear from them.  I've been waiting a year for this.

I grew up with a dog and my wife and I have two great dogs right now.  I love dogs and can't imagine someone whose career involves caring for dogs could let something like this happen.  At trial, I want to hear why she did what she did...  I want to hear she made a terrible mistake she's regretted every day since... I want to hear she's apologized to all the families who's dogs died what I can only imagine were torturous deaths.

I don't really care if she and her attorney Brad snub me afterwards.  I just want to hear what they have to say in open court.

Of course if there's a plea deal, we may not hear anything.  We'll find out Thursday.

Mark Schnyder is a news reporter at KMOV.  He can be reached at

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