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Put the phone down

Overnight a woman crashed into a construction zone.  According to police the woman had a phone to her ear when the crash happened. We are learning the driver smashed into a trailer and the debris hit two construction workers who were working on the site. It's a blessing the workers were not seriously hurt, but now the driver is in big trouble. For starters, the driver is in violation of talking on a cell phone while in a construction zone.

Just think for one moment, how many of us are guilty of driving while talking on the cell phone. I can understand how easily a driver could get distracted while talking on the cell phone and not see a construction sign ahead. I am not excusing this drivers actions; however, this driver's decision to talk on the cell phone, and drive must be placed in the proper context. Any of us can fall victim to creating this same mistake if we are not fully paying attention to the road. Oprah is currently launching a no cell phone use in the car while driving. If we follow this same approach we could be protecting ourselves from facing similar charges down the road.





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