Cahokia rehires laid off employees, police officers -

Cahokia rehires laid off employees, police officers

(KMOV) – The village board in Cahokia voted to rehire several laid off employees.

In March, the village let 18 workers go, but on Monday, the board voted to bring four of them back. This includes two police officers, a park employee and a street department worker.

The board’s chairman says Cahokia found the money to bring those workers back, but that measure was vetoed by the mayor last month.

On Monday, the board overrode the mayor’s veto, calling for the four employees to report to work Monday morning.

The mayor was not at the meeting on Monday.

The board says it found the money to rehire employees based on a different budget. That budget would call for three different Cahokia employees – mostly administrative level - to be laid off.


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