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Dangerous St. Charles County roads to get shoulders

Highways 94, D and DD in St. Charles County take motorists to Busch Wildlife, the wineries, and the Katy Trail.  They also claim lives.  They are filled with sharp curves, steep hills, and drop offs.  Yet they have no paved shoulders in many spots.  That is now going to change, with the work slated to begin next spring.  It wasn't hard to find someone in that area who knew someone who had had a wreck (or had the wreck themselves!).  But I was taken aback to talk to a young woman who lost a friend shortly before that friend turned 16.  Let's hope the improvements do save lives.  In truth, though, many people said if drivers would only go slow out there, the accidents would be somewhat reduced.  The combination would be the safest of all - shoulders and slower speeds.

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