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Time to think Super Bowl in St. Louis

It is time to think about a Super Bowl in St. Louis.  I would like that statement to mean that the Rams were a threat to be in Super Bowl XLV this upcoming season but that is not what I am talking about nor a reality.  What I am talking about is that the city of St. Louis and the Rams franchise should begin to start thinking about getting a Super Bowl in St. Louis.  As crazy as it sounds there is no reason that this region should not attempt to get a Super Bowl between 2020 and 2025.

With the news this week, out of the NFL Owners meetings, that the Super Bowl has been awarded to the Meadowlands it puts a number of cities in play that had never been on the Super Bowl list and I believe that St. Louis should be on that list and here is why.  I am going to assume that Stan Kroenke is going to acquire the team, even though I don't think it is going to be smooth sailing, but for the sake of the Super Bowl argument let's say he does make it happen.  Let us also assume that Kroenke will wind up getting a new stadium built in the St. Louis area, which is going to be another huge fight but let's say he does get it built.  Whether the stadium is an indoor stadium, not likely, or an outdoor stadium, more likely, the St. Louis region should be considered for a Super Bowl.

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