Accused cop shooter held on big bond -

Accused cop shooter held on big bond

Arvon Brown is a slight 24-year-old.  He came to court clad in a hospital gown to hear the charges against him.

Brown was among about 15 men and three women newly accused of wrongdoing.  What set him apart in the courtroom was that he was alone -- not part of the requisite chain-gang.  Brown had clearly recently left the infirmary.  It appeared that he had two black eyes, and he wore a medical bracelet.

Brown faces the following charges: assault on a law enforcement officer, armed criminal action and resisting arrest.  The judge set a $25,000 cash-only bond for the resisting arrest charge.  She then added a $500,000 cash-only bond for the remaining charges.  Brown opted to interview with the public defender's office.

On May 27, Brown was in a car with three other men when Officer Joseph Haman pulled it over at a gas station parking lot.  While Officer Haman was talking to the driver outside of the car, Brown, from the backseat, fired off a series of shots.  At least six of them struck Officer Haman.  He fired back, but apparently missed Brown.

A bulletproof vest saved Officer Haman's life.  He underwent surgery and remained in critical condition for several days.  On Tuesday he was upgraded to serious condition.

There are two pieces of surveillance video that will play a big role in Brown's case.  A video dash camera was rolling from Officer Haman's car, and another camera captured the fire fight from the gas station's surveillance system.

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