Car stolen containing Korean War vet's medals -

Car stolen containing Korean War vet's medals

(KMOV) -- A car containing the war medals of a Korean War veteran was stolen sometime last week in a lot near Lambert Airport.

Tim Reeter said his deceased father's medals, including a purple heart, medal of valor and a bronze star, were in the trunk of the car when it was stolen. Moe Reeter passed away April 9 and served in Korea in the early 1950s.

Reeter said his 1997 Lexus was stolen after he parked his car at a secure lot last Sunday before leaving town on a business trip. He arrived back Friday to find it had been stolen. Reeter parked his car at "Parking Spot 2" near Lambert.

Reeter took the medals from his father's home in Muncie, Ind., and was going to put them in his office, but hadn't taken them out of the trunk.

The general manager of the parking lot said this is the first car that has been stolen from the lot in ten years. He is now going over security camera video to see if it has any useful information.

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