Fighting Back and Winning -

Fighting Back and Winning

     This is a real David and Goliath story.   Century Motors of Wentzville wining back its right to be a Chrysler dealership in an arbitration hearing.  The owners tels me they are elated after fighting this for a year.

      It was made possible by an act of Congress that allowed dealerships targeted for closure by the auto makers to take their cases to arbitration.    In the words of the arbitrator, "Century should not have been penalized for the mistake made by Old Chrysler."

      So Century it seems can come back.  Owners told the arbitrator they could be operating again in 30 days with the 14 workers they had to let go last year.

      This may not be simple though.  Chrysler may offer the owners the buyout or even try and challenge the congressional law that allowed this case to go to arbitration.



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