Crews to repaint lane markings on part of I-44 -

Crews to repaint lane markings on part of I-44

After hearing from drivers who complained the re-striping on east-bound I-44 is confusing, MoDOT says crews will repair sections of it - starting Friday morning.

Nearly three weeks ago, crews began the task of taking I-44 back down to four lanes from five. Remember: the state paved over the shoulders of I-44 and narrowed lanes to squeeze in an extra lane each way to handle detour traffic during the 64/40 project.

Black paint was used to cover the old lines. White paint was put in place to mark the new four-lane sections, but some drivers complained the reflective white paint under the black paint still shined through - especially on sunny days. Others said the black paint was too reflective and caused confusion when it rained.

We ran a story about the issue on May 11th:

Today, MoDOT announced that the contractor will go back to a section between Hampton and Elm to improve the contrast between the old markings and new lanes.

MoDOT says this section of road received the most complaints. MoDOT's Tom Blair added that the state would continue to evaluate the situation.

The re-striping done on east-bound I-44 earlier this month was temporary. Crews wanted to mark the four lane sections of road before beginning a large resurfacing project. Once new asphalt is put down, MoDOT will permanently re-stripe the lanes.

The east-bound resurfacing work begins in June and will continue through July (and possibly August). After the east-bound lanes are resurfaced and repainted, MoDOT will start the process over with the west-bound lanes.

The entire project (from 270 to downtown St. Louis) is set to be completed by late fall.

On Friday, May 28th (weather permitting) the state will close the two right lanes of eastbound I-44 between Elm and Hampton at 9 a.m. The work is expected to be completed by noon.

Read MoDOT's release on tomorrow's work here:

MoDOT says taxpayers will not foot the bill for the repair work - saying it reached a deal with the contractor.

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