Get Your Place CLEAN! -

Get Your Place CLEAN!


Simply your surroundings

Free yourself from decorative excess

Let go of your hodgepodge of mementoes

Clean Up as You Go – Multi-tasking can be a real time saver.  While you are watching your favorite TV show, take some time to clean up the coffee table and dust the bookshelves.  If you are in the kitchen talking with a friend on the phone, spend some time unloading the dishwasher or organizing the cupboard.  

Put similar items in clear plastic bins, label them, and place them under the bed. (Use bed raisers and stackable containers to get more under there).

Don’t buy any new clothes without tossing out old ones

Consider the ‘flow of the room.’  If something is just sitting in the middle of the room, it’s stopping your flow so you should sell it, trash it, or give it to a friend.

Put things back as soon as you’re finished with them.

A Drawer Organizer is a big help because you’re forced into a system. (Using shoeboxes is an inexpensive trick.)

In the closet hang things in groups—pants together, shirts together…and if all your hangers are the same color, suddenly it becomes extremely neat.

Yard Sale Advice:  
• Get rid of whatever you don’t use.
• Advertise with bright, legible signs
• Put big-ticket items in front; group everything else by item:
kids’ toys, books, clothes, etc
• Price everything a bit high so you have some bargaining power

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