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Having A Summer Yard Sale?

Clear the clutter & get organized with your own clean house yard sale.
Change your trash to cash.

organization tips

Pick the Date
Give yourself enought time to plan, organize and get the word out.

Collect Items
Get 4-6 big boxes and set them in your garage or a good working space.  Label each of these boxes: clothing, toys, books, etc. Go through your closets & every room to gather and separate items into the appropriate boxes. Inspect, clean and repair all items to be sold. They’ll fetch better prices! Price every item before the sale! Some items to be sold grouped in boxes or on tables can be marked collectively: ie. books, videos 50¢ each or 5 for $2.00! Price for easy change, by quarters.

Get the word out! Timing is critical. Give enough lead time for people to plan to go. Place local newspaper ad. Highlight fun, collectible items for sale, Ie: name brand kids’ clothing! Hang well-placed, brightly colored signs in big letters (with correct direction arrows), make sure to secure
them with big staples or heavy duty tape. Free online ads work well too... (garagesalehunter.com, etc.) - state address, cross streets & hours. Word of mouth. Bulletin boards @ schools, offices.

Be Neighborly
Maybe consider having a few of the neighbors join in on the event, a block yard sale! They can split ad costs and you can all help each other out with managing & taking turns making change.

The Day Of
Courtesy & privacy count. It is up to you, but to be fair, politely let early arrivers know that the sale will start at the advertised time. Make it a rule not to let people in your home. Anything you don’t want to sell, keep out of sight! Have a hand mirror or a full length mirror outside if you can.

Have Plenty Of Change
Small bills & coins - at least $20.00.

The Set Up
Arrange tables & articles attractively with clear pricing. Display special items out front in the driveway!

Hang clothing neatly. Kids’ clothing will usually get the best prices ($1-$8).

Wrap Up Supplies
Plastic or paper bags, paper & pens, newspaper to wrap breakables, calculator, money box - to keep your money!

A Refreshing Thought
Up to you, and especially if it’s hot. But perhaps keep some drinking water and cups on hand. Or have a big cooler filled with ice and soda for sale! Crank up the stereo & have fun!

Show’s Over
Easiest way to give the hint. Turn off the music. Take down all the signs and
begin the job of closing down shop. Pack up leftover items as quickly as possible.

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