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Did you close your garage door?

An open garage door is an invitation to thieves. Some of those thieves are teens who want to steal beer, but others are heroin addicts that may be willing to risk going into your home to find something of value to sell for drug money. Chesterfield Police are investigating a string of thefts near Baxter and Clayton, to homes where the garage doors were left up overnight.

It's the time of year that more people are working in their yards are staying out late and leaving their garage doors open. It's also the time of year that thieves are more successful at stealing stuff that belongs to other people. They slip in through an open garage door and take things out of cars parked inside, like laptops, gps devices, iPods and purses. Sometimes they steal tools and lawn equipment.

Yes, the way to prevent this kind of crime is painfully obvious, close your garage door when you go inside your house. Police remind you that it's not just a matter of leaving the things in your garage vulnerable to be stolen. But, since most leave the door from their garage to the inside of their home, unlocked, leaving your garage door up overnight puts your family's at risk.

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