Pretzel vendors' twisted turn -

Pretzel vendors' twisted turn

The way the city puts it, the pretzel vendors were simply getting too big for the intersections along Jamieson.

Out there for most of the day in any kind of weather, the vendors I'm told would sell four to five hundred pretzels a day.

Did I mention these are Gus' Pretzels?

Gus doesn't seem to mind either way.  He sells the pretzels to these guys, one of them an 85 year old man, and they turn and sell them to passing motorists for a dollar each.  One vendor tells me the transactions are so fast they don't hold up traffic. 

The vendors tell us this is part of something that has existed in St Louis for decades, even though the area is not desiginated by the city for street vending. 

The city says they were getting complaints about the pretzel vendors on the traffic islands.

Tonight the only complaints I heard along Jamieson were about where the pretzel guys went.



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