Suspect admits to beating couple in home invasion -

Suspect admits to beating couple in home invasion

A suspect is in custody in the south St. Louis County home invasion. 

He has admitted to burglarizing the home earlier in the month and then returning last week and robbing and beating the couple who lived in the home.  But investigators say Rashad El had at least one accomplice inside the home with him and there could be others who are involved. 

As police and prosecutor Bob McCulloch have said, the job isn't done until all the suspects are off the streets. 

Court documents show that El bound the woman who lived there and beat both the man and woman with what is believed to be a metal pipe.  Police have said he had every intent of killing them.  El is 6 foot 5 and 250 pounds.  He's a big guy.  It would appear he tied up this woman and took a pipe to her.  That is an incredibly savage act.

If you have any information about the remaining suspect(s) you are asked to call police or Crime Stoppers.



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