Robbers ambush St. Clair County couple in their driveway -

Robbers ambush St. Clair County couple in their driveway

Investigators in St Clair County are trying to drum up new leads after two men rob and shoot at a couple after they returned home from work.

The couple pulled into the driveway in the 1100 block of Five Forks Drive (just east of Belleville) late Saturday night.  Captain Steve Johnson says the couple own a business together and were returning home after closing up shop.  The husband let his wife out of the car so he could pull into their garage.  Once he pulled in, he heard his wife scream, then saw her struggling with a man in the driveway.

Captain Johnson says the robber grabbed the wife's purse and dragged her down the driveway.  When the husband ran to help, another robber got out of a car, waiting at the end of the driveway, and pulled a gun.  That's when the other robber (who initially struggled with the wife) fired a shot at the husband.  The robber missed and both men jumped into their waiting car and took off.

Captain Johnson says the wife was cut up and bruised.  She was taken to the hospital for evaluation and then released.

The descriptions of the suspects are vague, but detectives are working with a description of their car.  It's a white, older model, Chevy Impala with round headlights.  Neighbors told detectives the car appeared to sit low to the ground and seemed to sit on small wheels.

I talked to neighbors in the area who heard the gunshot and ran outside to see what was going on.  One neighbor heard the screams of the woman as she struggled with the robber and called police. 

Investigators are not sure if the couple was targeted or if the robbers picked their victims at random.  The husband told detectives that he thought a car may have followed him down his street.

Detectives were canvassing the Five Forks neighborhood this evening in hopes of learning new details from neighbors who may have seen or heard anything when the shot was fired.

Captain Steve Johnson says the department is working on making a composite sketch of the suspects.

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