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Protect yourself from Craigslist crimes

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You can find almost anything to buy on Craigslist, from clothes to curling irons to cars. But beware of fake ads meant to lure you to a place where criminals are waiting to rob you. It happened to two people in Maplewood recently. They answered an ad about an X-Box video game system for sale. When they showed up to make the transaction, they were robbed. Police caught one of the suspects, but are looking for a second.

There are a variety of crimes, nationwide, that have been associated with Craigslist. In Seattle, criminals answered an ad about a diamond ring for sale and shot a member of the family selling the ring. And there was a rape that began with a craigslist job posting.

Craigslist posts safety tips that they recommend buyers and sellers follow. They include insisting on a public meeting place to make the transaction and taking along a friend.

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