Man who says he was confused with Boken killer in robbery senten -

Man who says he was confused with Boken killer in robbery sentenced to 12 years

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( — A St. Louis man who says he was wrongly convicted of a crime due to a case of mistaken identity has now been sentenced.

Surrounded by family, friends, his pastor and mother on Thursday, Cornell McKay was given 12 years behind bars.

McKay and his attorneys remain adamant he was misidentified in a rush to judgement.

McKay was convicted of armed robbery, and the victim even identified him as the robber. His attorneys say much of the evidence points to another man, Keith Esters, who resembles McKay.

Esters was convicted of shooting and killing former Saint Louis University volleyball player Megan Boken.

McKay’s attorneys are now looking at discrepancies they have discovered in the victim’s deposition.

“There was a serious discrepancy between the time that she actually left Tower Grove Park that evening to go home, when she said that she did and when the prosecutor said she did,” said defense attorney Robert Ramsey. “So by the time she got home and this robbery occurred, it’s at least 35 minutes after sundown.”

In his final statement before this afternoon’s sentencing, McKay again said that he did not want to be sentenced for any other man’s crimes.

Next, defense attorneys say they will file a notice of appeal, two post conviction motions and alleged violations of the Fifth, Sixth and 14th Amendments.

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