Man allegedly attacks woman in front of three kids in St. Charle -

Man allegedly attacks woman in front of three kids in St. Charles

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) -- A woman slapped and punched by her boyfriend all because she fell asleep and when police arrived, they discovered something disturbing.

Not only did three kids reportedly witness their mother and father fighting but police say there were drugs all within their reach.

In a probable cause statement, Jeffery Costantinou, punched his girlfriend in the back and hip then slapped her across the face all because she fell asleep while watching the children.

Lt. David Tiefenbrunn with the St. Charles Sheriff’s Department said “we noticed there was several small children age infant to 2 years of age also we noticed some drugs on the countertop and drug paraphernalia.”

Deputies arrested Costantinou and booked him on charges of domestic assault and child endangerment. As for the children, they were allowed to stay with their mother but family services will look into the case.

“It’s upsetting any time small children are involved that they would witness parents assaulting each other obviously that’s detrimental,” said Tiefenbrunn.

Costantinou paid his $7,500 cash-only bond and is back on the street Tuesday night. While the victim claimed she is in constant fear for her safety, News 4 could not confirm whether any bond stipulations will keep him away from his girlfriend or the kids.

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