Deaf man attacked at Richmond Heights Metrolink station -

Deaf man attacked at Richmond Heights Metrolink station

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( - Randy Moehlman is outraged that no one lifted a finger to help his 69-year old deaf father after he was robbed and punched in the face at a Metrolink stop last week. It happened Tuesday around 11:30 am at the Richmond Heights Metrolink stop, just east of the Galleria.

Moehlman said his father was catching a train to go downtown to eat lunch. When he pulled out money to buy a ticket he says a thief grabbed the money in his father’s hand. Moehlman said his father reacted by grabbing the thief.

“My dad grabbed him, and as my dad grabbed him he started screaming, hoping to attract some attention. The guy tried to wrestle away, there was a small scuffle then he threw a right hand and punched my dad in the face to break free and walked off,” Moehlman said.

Metro director of security Richard Zott told us that there was a security officer on duty.

“We had a security officer standing on the platform, watching. She didn’t see anything amiss, she saw nothing that would indicate that anyone was attacked, assaulted or robbed," Zott said.

Zott said security video shows the victim and the suspect interacting for several minutes but the camera at the Richmond Heights station continually scans back and forth and was pointed away at the time of the attack.

 Moehlman said his father remembers seeing several people at the stop but none of them responded to the attack.

“No one stuck around to wait until after the man left to go and offer assistance, wait around and call 911, offer some help in identifying the person who did it or giving a statement to police. To me that's shameful that no one stuck around for that.”

 A woman getting off an arriving Metrolink train saw the bleeding victim on the platform and called 911. Metro officials said the security camera didn’t get a good look at the mugger’s face. St. Louis County Police are investigating.

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